Tuesday, September 12, 2006


I have to dig them up, but I have a survey just like this that I had my high school friends answer. I wonder how their answers would compare now....

Birthday?October 23
City and State you live in?Harper Woods, MI
Eye Color?Brown
Hair Color?Dark Brown/Black
Are you underweight, overweight, or average weight?Overweight, which I guess is better than side-by-side
Smoked in the past 30 days?No
Drank alcohol in the past 30 days?Does vanilla extract in cookies count?
Number of brothers and sisters?1 (biological, many in the adopt-a-friend sense)
Own a house, rent an apartment, or live with parents?Own, though it\'s more accurate to say it owns me
Ever smoked marijuana?No
What style of underwear do you most often wear?Clean
Ever been suspended from school?No
Ever fall asleep in school?LOL - yes, indeed
Ever fall asleep at work?Yes, and once while I was trying to advise during an appointment!
Ever been fired from a job?No
Ever gone to work or school while buzzed or drunk?No
Ever been beaten up?Emotionally, but who hasn\'t?
Are you in a relationship?Happily so - married 5 years in November!
Do you play an instrument?I noodle on the piano and I sing in a choir
Do you have any children?No, but I would like to
Number of things you regret from your past?Regret\'s a strong word, it\'s more like I\'m wistful about a few things - but I certainly don\'t keep count!
Number of tattoos? What and where are they?No - I have a strong dislike of needles
Number of piercings? What and where are they?My ears are pierced
Ever driven a car after drinking too much?Too much water - and then you can never find a rest stop!
Has anyone ever taken a picture of you without clothes?Them, or me?
Pizza toppings on one pizza?Onion, Mushroom and Pepperoni
Ice cream flavor?Peppermint
Non-alcoholic drink?Diet Pepsi
Alcoholic drink?Grand Marinier and Hot Chocolate
Fast food restaurant?Arby\'s - darn Potato Cakes
Expensive restaurant?PF Changs - it\'s not that expensive, but I love the ambience and the food!
Make/model of automobile?Mini Cooper - it\'s adorable
Color of underwear you wear?White or black, generally
Breakfast meal?Harvest Grain pancakes from IHOP with Canadian Bacon and Hashbrowns
Dinner meal?My mom\'s cooking or Steak with Baked Potatoes
Vacation location?I am good almost anywhere
Preferred height?Vertical?
Preferred weight?I like men with mass
Preferred age?Legal
Preferred eye color?Hazel
Preferred hair color?Brown with little hints of red
Preferred race/nationality?Heinz 57
Favorite type of clothes for them to wear?Their own - better to get a sense of their personal style
Turn ons?Sincerity, Intelligence, Humor, Compassion, Technique
Turn offs?Shallowness, Lack of gratitude, Not being playful
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