Tuesday, September 12, 2006

I apologize in advance

I added a song to my MySpace profile (links to the right). I know it gets annoying. I'll try to change it periodically.

Right now, it's set to Geggy Tah, "Whoever you are." It's a totally fun song, and I hope you enjoy it!



juniper pearl said...

oooooooooh, geggy tah! just the other day i found a flier the band autographed for me way, way back in, i think, 1996. i got every bit as excited then as i was the day i met them. they were lovely. they drew me a little picture of a chicken and everything.

i applaud your song choice, is what i'm saying.

Liza said...

There's a great version of the song available on Red Hot + Latin. Half of the song is in Spanish and it totally rocks!

Thank you for being one of only a handful of people to recognize the song : )