Thursday, April 26, 2007

LAGQ Pachelbel's 'Loose' Canon

It's a grey and kinda icky day here in Detroit. There's a lot of crazy stressful pressure at work - but I know it could worse just as easily as it could be better. Spring is always the most complicated season in my mind - the discomfort of growing and change, the heavy burden of potential. But that's another post. I heard this on the radio the other day and I was so tickled by it, I was thrilled that the Los Angeles Guitar Quartet had a video posted on YouTube. So here, to cheer me and hopefully you, is the LAGQ's version of the Canon in D (forever known to many people as the "GE Soft White Lightbulb commercial song"). They refer to it as Pachelbel's 'Loose' Canon.


Sunday, April 22, 2007

Happy Wedding, Alex and Kara!

Originally uploaded by Kodamakitty.

Just wanted to spread the online congratulations (and a spiffy photo, natch!)

^_^ Liza

Friday, April 20, 2007

Fun with Tulips

This one's my favorite!
Originally uploaded by Kodamakitty.

I don't have a long blog post in me at the moment, but I wanted to share this photo because I am so pleased with how it turned out. I was holding the camera in one hand and a light bulb with a metal collar in the other. I don't know if I could reproduce the shot if I tried, but hey, that's why I am signed up for a photography class in the fall.

If you click on the photo, it will take you to all of the tulip shots I took that day/evening.

Enjoy! ^_^