Sunday, December 14, 2008

A couple of funnies for you

Whoo - we're down to the last couple of grains of sand for 2008. Despite having been off work for the last week (I was burning vacation time), I've just barely scratched the surface of the bajillion things I would like to cross of my "To Do" list. It is not very often that I keep such a list because I often find them rather overwhelming and depressing, rather than empowering, but I guess I'll have to find a way to reframe that if I'm gong to get through this doctoral degree.

Did I mention that I was taking classes towards an EdD? And yes, you can say that as, "Eeeeedddddd?" just like in the Lion King.
(I do - makes me giggle). I am officially one semester out of nine done. I'm not sure what I will do afterwards, except cross another item off that imaginary, soon to be not-so-imaginary list.

In the meantime, here are a couple of things from here and there, hither and thither, over and under, etc. etc. etc. that have helped me stay sane during this crazy semester. Maybe they'll work for you, too.

Simon's Cat

Poor Geoffrey - he introduced me to this gem of a cartoon and now if my cat Max goes to climb all over us, I have to laugh. I have been known to place a paw on his cheek while he's trying to sleep too (Geoffrey, I mean. My cat could care if I touched his cheek while he was sleeping).

And my second funny is in the form of a new Christmas carol. Geoffrey and I have a great collection of alternate holiday music, either unconventional covers or remixes of the classics, or new songs, such as "Christmas is Interesting" by Jonathan Coulton. More on Coulton after the lyrics below.

Here the song gets additional backup help from Paul and Storm (formerly of DaVinci's Notebook for any of you barbershop quartet fans out there):

Christmas Is Interesting
You have put on your feety pajamas
It's time for a long winter's nap
There's a knock on the door and a stranger is there
He wants you to sit on his lap
He takes your watch and he gives you a hairbrush
Your wife gets a wig on a chain
He says he can't stay
Cause he's got a long way to go
And it's starting to rain

Christmas is interesting
Like a knife in your heart
Christmas is interesting
How it tears you apart
Christmas is interesting
Like a stick in your eye
It's so freaking interesting
That it might make you cry

So you're an elf, but you'd rather be a dentist
Maybe you're a train with square wheels
Maybe you're a squirt gun that only shoots jam
Now you know how Jesus feels
He is riding a sleigh he calls Rosebud
His mansion is lonely and cold
He can't remember a pleasant December
When he wasn't tired and old


So you're drunk and your name is Jimmy Stewart
You once had a wonderful life
Then you lost all your money, you cracked up your car
You yelled at your favorite wife
You go to bed and you wait for Jacob Marley
He comes to make you feel brave
But under his cloak he is nothing but smoke
And a finger that points at your grave


Both Jonathan Coulton and Paul and Storm are well worth checking out if you like geeky harmonic pop, along the lines of They Might be Giants, Flight of the Conchors, and some Barenaked Ladies, but with a crazy twist all their own. You can find primers (and free downloads) for both on their respective websites: and

That's it for me - I'm off to bed. Later!



Anonymous said...

Hey you! Had to drop a comment to say 1.) YOU GO, LIZ! The first of nine...done! I know it's been crazy dealing with school, work AND emails (I see all your comments about emails, hee!) but hang in there! 2.) Okay, loving the the Xmas is interesting song. I'll need to check out more music! Love the sound! 3.) Miss you!

FrankNemecek said...

Dr. Liza. That does have a nice ring to it.

Love & laughter,