Saturday, November 15, 2008

Pre-cable TV childhood memories

Growing up in Detroit, we had the usual national networks, plus the UHF stations (young 'uns, don't ask, just wikipedia or Google it), and the occasional bonus of good stuff on CBC - channel 9 in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. Channel 9 had Mr. Dress-up and the Polka Dot door, and a few other shows that seem surreal now, more like a dream.

As Geoffrey started to make his way through the incredible game, Little Big Planet, the introduction included a theme that made me exclaim, "That's the Canadian show with the grasshopper logo song!"

And crazy enough, simply searching for the words, "Canadian Children television grasshopper," I hit the jackpot and found a site about Vision On:

I didn't realize how much of that show I actually remembered and attributed to other sources, like odd episodes of Benny Hill or Monty Python or my sleep deprived imagination!

But it was the Gallery song that I remembered best, and if it didn't make me giddy happy then, for whatever reason it does now:

Thank goodness for the collective memory of the internets!


Frank said...

I. Loved. Mr. Dress-Up.

Watching that show was the high-light of my day when I was a kid. As good as Sesame Street and Mr. Rodgers were, Mr. Dress-Up - plus Casey and Finnegan - were so darn cool.

Thank you for reminding me of the simpler times.

Love & laughter,

Liza said...

I can totally see you with a dog named Finnegan. Glad to bring back a few good memories for you :)