Sunday, September 14, 2008

Fall and Friends

Goodness, did I really skip August? Well, it rather feels like it skipped, hopped, ran and bulldozed over ME, so I guess we're even.

Though Fall as a season doesn't really start until the 22nd, Fall as a semester began two weeks ago. When I was much younger, and I know I've mentioned this before, but I often felt like the older maiden aunt whom everyone hung out with until they formed their own cliques and intrigues. This never seemed more apparent to me than at the start of each school year. I didn't really have any close friends on my block so I would come back feeling just as maidenly and frumpy as ever, while my peers seemed to gain a new sophistication over the summer that I couldn't place. It didn't occur to me to be angry or resentful enough about it to change - I just always felt like fourteen going on forty. I cherished the friendships I did have, pined over the boys I couldn't have and alternated between being overly clingy and dismissive of the boys who would. It was quite a relief to leave high school behind and start college.

Now, many years later, Fall has its own nostalgia to it that is not unlike sipping cold cider. It's earthy, sweet and at its best, seasonal. Some years I'll get quite a few friends looking me up in the Fall - there seems to be a window just before the craziness of the holidays that invites providence and coincidence to tea and manages to bring a lost friend or two back to me. Fall is also rather close to my birthday and so I suppose it's a lot like New Year's Eve or even Rosh Hashanah - a time for setting aside the old and looking to begin something new.

This year, in addition to feeling the adding of yet another ring to my circumference (and circumstance, hahahaha, I kill me!), I have started classes towards my doctorate in education. I didn't think I would get to this point of taking classes again so soon, of seeing the end of one road approaching and needed to forge my own off-road path.

So thank goodness for friends, and cider, and donuts, and beginnings. And for DVD, which brought me my very own copy of "Peter's Friends" from 1992 (!). I remembered that I liked it, but had forgotten why, and here's one of the scenes that reminds me why, as well as makes me think fondly of friends past and present:


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