Monday, February 05, 2007

Cold snap

Originally uploaded by Kodamakitty.

Brrrrr! It's chilly in these here parts. It's supposed to stay in the very low single digits with blistering wind chill until at least Sunday. I know "blistering" and "wind chill" seem contradictory, but the wind here cuts and burns as much as if it were an open flame.

On the upside, it's at least sunny and the sky is blue. I took this photo on the driveway of our house. It's a bunch of Barberry bush berries. I didn't place it there, it just happened to fall that way.

I wish you unexpected beauty in mundane places and a warm place to sleep at night.



darling24_7 said...

:) Ill take single digits.

Yesterday they said it was -30 with the windchill. BOO!!

Hope you guys are nice and warm inside :)

Liza said...

Thanks, Darling!

We're trying to stay warm here, though I insist on keeping the thermostat on the lower end of the scale (67 deg.F when we are at home,65 if we're out or sleeping) and I am sure my husband would rather leave it at 68 - 70.

Still, Saturday was lovely with blue skies and no major winds or windchill, so I am hoping that an early spring truly is in the cards.

Stay warm!
^_^ Liza

darling24_7 said...

Bring on the warm weather, I agree!

I like it a bit cooler at night.. makes you want to snuggle closer :)

FrankNemecek said...

Okay, that is a seriously cool photo.

Liza said...

Thanks, Frank - I saw the berries lying on the driveway and immediately ran in to grab my camera. I tweaked it up a bit on the computer and really love the result. ^_^