Saturday, March 10, 2007

Goodbye, Winter

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The snow is finally starting to thaw around here and the air seems fresh and promising. I am really beginning to appreciate the idea of spring cleaning. I want to throw open all of the windows and wipe down all of the dust and grime from the lazyness of last summer through the tedium of a cold gray winter.

I tend to think of Winter as a selfish season. It's a great reason to cocoon away from the rest of the world and to be introspective and sleepy. The cold is numbing and things move more slowly. Spring is still a little selfish in that I tend to focus on trying to get things in order - using the tax return to clean up the bills, using the better weather to clean up the house before it gets muggy and impossible, hoping that this time I'll be able to establish better habits to make life healthier and less stressful.

Many people make their resolutions in January. I tend to make mine in the spring - it seems like a point where my intentions can match my actions. Spring is more about renewal and the change is more pronounced, more profound.

So here's to soon being able to put away the mufflers and boots and to new beginnings. Take a breath of fresh air and smile at the promise of spring.


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darling24_7 said...

Spring is a great time to start fresh. Winter is sleepy, look at tnature, they sleep and bloom in the spring. :)

Lovely post. Makes me look forward to Spring flowers and the flowers that will come.