Sunday, January 21, 2007


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Just a quick post on how much I love my dog. She's the sweetest cuddle bunny (when she's not chewing on something she shouldn't or mooing because no one is paying attention to her). I really do like Bailey, but he's much more Geoffrey's dog. She's a big 'ol friendly girl and I love her to pieces. I thought I was more of a cat person until Zookie found me.

I hope everyone has a friend or pet to share unconditional love with. I am multiply blessed!



darling24_7 said...

OMG shes gorgoeus!

Its always great to see how people share with other, specially with pets :)

Arent they big babies!?! :)

zoozoo400 said...

I have a cat named Zookie, she's a sweetie pie ^ ^
Except around other people, it's pretty funny when she run to me for help when someone walks in the door :P