Thursday, October 05, 2006

I'm linked from Jonathan Coulton's Blog!


I almost can't think how to write this up, since I am at this point up way past my bedtime. I did indeed complete my "Geeky Pilgrimmage" described previously with an even geekier addition - I received an e-mail from the Barenaked Ladies HQ that the band would be performing and signing CDs at 12:30 on October 4. The Areas of My Expertise reading and book signing was at the same store on the same day!

I will now take this opportunity to say that my husband was an absolute peach about encouraging me to go, even though it would have been great fun for both of us (darn work and other adult responsibilities!).

So I left the house four hours earlier than expected, forgot the flash card for my camera, thanked God that there was a Ritz Camera on State street, and took some really great shots of both BNL and my true purpose for taking the day off, Jonathan Coulton and John Hodgman.

You can view the whole set on my flickr page:

To make the whole thing even more amazing, I sent the link to Jonathan Coulton and he included it on his site:

Pretty darn spiffy, I must say!


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