Sunday, June 11, 2006

Race for the Cure 2006

Just a quick post - today I volunteered as a photographer for Race for the Cure down at Comerica Park. I've been volunteering for this thing with my mom since it started at the Detroit Zoo. Since the office was nice enough to purchase a Canon Rebel XT for office events, I figured volunteering as a photographer would be great practice and more interesting than distributing t-shirts (which mom enjoys for various reasons). Mom wasn't able to make it this year, the 7:00 am call time would have been a long day out in the sun and on her feet, since you can't leave the area until the race is over around 11:00 am. I took about 200 photos, but they are going to be used for various promotional things, so I haven't posted more than a few images on my flickr site (

The event is a humongous undertaking and very moving in terms of the number of people who participate to support friends and loved ones who have battled breast cancer. I had a great time getting people to smile. For more information about Race for the Cure, including a link to where the photos from this year's event will be available, please visit the website at


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