Saturday, June 03, 2006

Blogger Karaoake

I am going to cue you with a song lyric and you have to sing the next line -- it's fun for the whole family (provided said family was listening to the radio in the 80's and felt the need to jam to songs like this)...

Don't call me when your toaster won't pop up
Don't call me just to cut your lawn
Don't call me when your radio cuts off
In the middle of your favorite song
Don't call me when your shower just went Uh-uh, no, baby, don't call me
I think I told you this about a million times
You know, it's not my cup of tea

If you suddenly busted into "Baby, I can rocket 2 U..." by The Jets, you win! Double bonus points if you can hit the falsetto in the chorus!


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