Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Long day

I feel compelled to post, even though there really isn't any new news. Perhaps I could start with a weather report - it is currently damp, a little on the cool side, and overcast here in Michigan. This has to be one of the longest spring-like stretches in recent memory (yes, I know it's now officially summer, it just usually goes from freezing to blazing in a matter of a day). It's been great - the lawn has not required watering, and I am hoping the lake levels won't be nearly as anemic as they have the past few summers. If I wasn't still full from dinner, I would say a pot of darjeeling with cream and sugar and some toast with marmalade would be very nice indeed.

I am leaving for a conference in Lincoln, Nebraska next week - I am not sure what all there is in Lincoln, Nebraska other than the University of and this conference, but I am hoping it will be useful. Despite my constant movement, I am finding that I am not by nature the most disciplined of people and I am, sad to say, rather lazy. I can't even begin to tell you the number of articles I have set aside to be read, or piles of documents to be sorted or shredded, or winter wardrobes that should be put away for summer wardrobes, etc.

At any rate, I am off to play a video game and perhaps turn in early. I hope this post finds you good and well.


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