Saturday, January 21, 2006

More sentimental lyrics

At one point, like a lot of people my age, I made a lot of mix tapes. Geoffrey once noted that this Toad the Wet Sprocket song seemed to make it onto every one of them. It's a beautiful song, very simply arranged, and I love the lyrics:

"I Will Not Take These Things for Granted"
One part of me just wants to tell you everything
One part just needs the quiet
And if I'm lonely here, I'm lonely here
And on the telephone
You offer reassurance

I will not take these things for granted

How can I hold the part of me that only you can carry
It needs a strength I haven't found
But if it's frightening, I'll bear the cold
And on the telephone
You offer warm asylum

I'm listening
Flowers in the garden
Laughter in the hall
Children in the park
I will not take these things for granted

To crawl inside the wire and feel something near me
To feel this accepting
That it is lonely here, but not alone
And on the telephone
You offer visions dancing

I'm listening
Music in the bedroom
Laughter in the hall
Dive into the ocean
Singing by the fire
Running through the forest
And standing in the wind
In rolling canyons

I will not take these things for granted

Many of my romances had a very strong telephone component. Nothing thrilled me more than hearing that a fellow normally wasn't one for talking on the phone and lo and behold, two hours have gone by. Even now, I love talking on the phone with my husband - his voice is so sweet to me. And yes, he did once tell me that he wasn't all that great on the phone.



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FrankNemecek said...

I swear I want to bitch-slap the comment spammers. What's really ironic is that this guy doesn't allow any comments on his blog.