Thursday, February 05, 2009

I've been tumbl'd!

"Detroit Edison" would be a good hobo name...

It's not what you think - unless you mean being included as a short featured quick post on someone's tumblr, then why yes, I guess it is: John Commoner's tumblr, Jan. 11

Oh, web 2.0, when will you stop teasing me with all your promises of social networking and connectedness? I must say, tumblr is very tempting in the "here's where I can post what I think is cool and not say why" category, like examining how someone decorated their high school locker as a way of seeing who they were. And not that I haven't enjoyed this blog, but I'm just not on it as much as I am on facebook (oh the shame!) and twitter. It's not that I don't think I have anything to say, I just don't seem to have the time or inclination to say it in a way that justifies having a blog. I don't journal that way, if it makes sense. The blogs I do follow all have (more or less) regular postings that constantly make it fresh and interesting, while I'm hard-pressed to post an entry more than once a month!

It's something to think about, especially since I need to start to pare down my distractions. I'll keep you posted.


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John Commoner said...

I tumbled it because I'm a lifelong Detroiter too (well, burbs, but close), and a Hodgman fan, and I thought it was a great pic. Actually, it was tagged in my flickr faves for ages.

I too have blogs - several - most of which are languishing for lack of posts. I recently deleted all the posts on one of my blogspot blogs and then made just a ridiculous half-hearted attempt to start it up again. I'm enjoying tumbling instead. It seems to satisfy my craving for clicking and posting without requiring much real effort. It's really more for me than for other people, but if other people happen to like it that's great.

I like your high school locker analogy. That's pretty much it exactly. I liked my blogs too but just don't have the time or energy for them at the moment. I'd really like to take another crack at it someday but for now tumblr it is.

Anyway, I do like your pic and I hope you don't mind me having it on my tumblelog.


John Commoner