Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Oogh - tired...

Geez - when did it go from May 3 to August 3? One of the major downsides of working for a university is that while people think you have the summer off, you're actually working your bum off with new student orientation. Don't get me wrong, it's a nice change of pace and when everything works, it's all good, it's just tiring. I am really only blogging because I have a spare moment and noticed that I hadn't posted anything since last week. Of course, staying up waaaay past my bedtime just to surf around on the 'net or play video games probably doesn't help much.

Not a whole lot is new in my little corner of the world. Mostly work and trying to keep up with the laundry and the dishes (oh yeah, I'm living on the wild side now!). I bought a few new plants for the front yard that desparately need to be planted so they won't completely burn to a crisp (it may be too late - yikes!). I should post a photo of the house at some point. Just promise that if you track it down and show up on the doorstep that you at least bring a dish to pass for dinner, ok?

I guess that's it for the moment. Time to go home, anyhow. Till next time!


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