Thursday, April 02, 2009


I was catching up on my Google Reader and there was a picture of a billboard for something called Gama-Go. I clicked on it and found a bunch of super cute, limited edition stuff, including this bag. The design is called "Ninja Kitty." Hopefully they don't sell out anytime soon - this might be my birthday splurge!



juniper pearl said...

your picture has disappeared, but i know from firsthand experience that ninja kitty is #1 cute.

i just wanted to let you know, because i know you'll be excited (and so way wicked jealous), that i have finally, after two long years of scouring brooklyn stem to stern, located the top-secret residence of john hodgman. fortuitously (and ironically) enough, it is only about ten blocks from my own top-secret residence. stalking commences NOW.

Liza said...

Juniper Pearl!!!!!

I was so convinced you had forgotten me, but I still think you are totally cool beans. Ninja kitty indeed rocks, though the bag in question is super huge, so I have just now ordered a slightly smaller bag with the almost as cool Bling. (I am trying to ignore how much she looks as though Hello Kitty and those odd little San-X cats who pose as food items had some kind of genetic composting love-fest.)

And I AM completely and utterly jealous that you have managed to find Sir Hodgman's Hangout. Even more so because he knows who you are, "Juniper-Pearl-from-the-web." Should I ever find myself in the fine city of Brooklyn I hope we will be able to meet for coffee (no need to give away the secret location of your bat cave, unless you want a Christmas card from your truly on an intermittent basis).

Do you take on another name when stalking?

juniper pearl said...

hodgman pretends not to know who i am, but he is fooling no one. i'll meet you anytime you find yourself in brooklyn, or in its nearby suburb, manhattan. i do not need to use an alternative name when stalking, or any name at all, as i am stealthy like the ninja (cat). shadows do not have names.

i would never forget you! you were my imaginary-blog-prom date. though i can understand how you might have thought it--my internet identity has dwindled into near-nothingness. this is really a side-effect of the hodg-hunt, though, which consumed a lot of free time. also, when i wasn't able to stalk hodgman immediately as i had planned, i started tailing ben greenman instead, and this was so rewarding that it evolved into something of a part-time job. he has proved much easier to find, and he always acknowledges me with a look of (at first hesitant, then faintly alarmed, now mildly bemused) recognition. if you force everyone you know and at least 5,000 people you don't to buy his new novel, he might come to detroit. but he probably won't. 'cause he'd miss me.