Monday, March 31, 2008

Oh thank goodness

Barenaked Ladies started their own independent label when their obligation to Reprise was completed in 2003 with "Everything to Everyone." They began "Desperation Records" and released "Barenaked for the Holidays," which while fun, isn't one of their most even-keeled (though really, check it out for "Elves' Lament," you'll listen to it in mid-July, it's that catchy). So, Geoffrey and I were a little concerned when the band released what essentially amounted to a 29 song double album within a five month period, "Barenaked Ladies are Me" and the follow-up, "Barenaked Ladies are Men" back in 2006. The songs seemed a bit remote, and hard to access. It seemed like work.

I assumed that the guys were running a bit loose without needing to worry about radio airplay and other trappings of being on contract to a major record label and resigned myself to not loving either BLAM record. I was happy for them, because by all accounts they seem to be having more fun and getting more joy from the process. But I felt a little out of sync and I missed my most beloved band.

I suppose I could have plowed through Ed Robertson's YouTube "Bathroom Sessions" for acoustic versions of the tracks, but there is something about the entire band performing on stage.

Fast forward to now. We needed to burn up a downloads on, and they had the full album for the "All-New Revue* Live from the Glenn Gould Studio." I had heard one of the tracks as a B-side, and much like the live tracks on Maroon, these versions just seem a little easier to get into and fall in love with. I think it's because BNL is so good live and they do such an amazing job with whatever the five of them can do onstage without extra production or layers, that these tracks just resonate more with me.

So, if the last BnL releases left you a little cold, try giving this a listen. I'm just happy to have my guys back.


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