Saturday, May 26, 2007

Chicago Trip

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I dragged Geoffrey to Chicago last weekend to see Jonathan Coulton with Paul and Storm at Schubas, near Wrigley Park. Parking was a nightmare, but the show was a lot of fun. I've posted pictures on my flickr page. Paul and Storm mentioned me in their blog. The geek crush list keeps growing - I have a soft spot for men who can harmonize intentionally.

But ultmately, my geek love goes to Geoffrey for driving me out there, dealing with vague and mysterious Google maps (that I-41 is odd), not to mention the exhorbitant cost of lodging, gas and meals. In exchange for being my personal chauffeur, I agreed to not bring my laptop - it was truly an almost four day vacation from the internets, with the exception of a short trip to the Miracle Mile Apple Store.

We did manage to spend a day in and around Chicago and it was nice. It makes me believe that Detroit will get back to that someday. I know it sounds naive and there was many many forces against such as thing, but I've just gotta believe, you know?

^_^ Liza

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