Friday, December 15, 2006

Favorite Paul McCartney Songs

My husband is a huge Beatles fan and doesn't have much use for Paul's solo work outside of "Wonderful Christmastime" and even that in small doses. I too, find myself not liking all of Sir McCartney's catalog, but there are a few absolute standouts that manage to make me happy every time. If you search in YouTube, you can find videos for all of these:

Here Today (1982)
No More Lonely Nights (1984)
Press (1986)
Put It There (1989)
This One (1989)

And this amazing clip from Give My Regards to Broadstreet
It's a medley of "Yesterday," "Here, There and Everywhere," and "Wanderlust."

"Wonderlust" is from one of my all time favorite albums, Tug of War (1982) I know it seems odd that an 8-year old would get into an entire album (well, with the exception of "Dress Me Up,") but I loved the whole thing - not just "Ebony and Ivory." I distinctly remember seeing the video for "Take it Away" and developing a HUGE crush on Paul right then and there.

(For a rather comprehensive and pull-no-punches commentary on all of Paul McCartney's post-Beatles work, try this: Wilson & Alroy's Record Reviews. Their tagline is, "We listen to the lousy records so you won't have to" - LOL)

We're making Christmas cookies this weekend, which has apparently kindled a nostalgic note in me, not that it takes much. I hope you're having a wonderful weekend - stay warm!


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