Monday, September 12, 2005


Ok, I know that there is a very high likelihood that I am the lone reader of my blog. And I am okay with that, really I am. I am sure it is a sign of some burgeoning narcissistic disorder that I like reading about me as if I didn't write it myself.

Anyway, knowing that I am writing about me for me does not detract the joy of finding a comment about one of my posts (I am not so far gone that I will post in response to myself). But so far, 50% of the posts on my blog are from advertising! The last one was for some newfangled way to trade and barter in order to establish an "Interim Monetary System of Heaven on Earth" WTF?????

It's aggravating and certainly discouraging as a blogger, though unfortunately, I think it may be par for the course.



Anonymous said...

Super nice post! Thanks for the timely information. Hope you keep updating...

My site deals with mlm. I know, that's totally unrelated but was scanning the blogs today.

Dave Jackson - Naples, FL

The Blonde said...

I feel the same way. ;)