Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Never read the bottom of a chicken pot pie

I mean it, folks. Just don't do it. Especially if you are waiting for said pot pie to finish baking its lovely self in the microwave, only to idly look at its packaging and realize you are about to eat a heart attack in a box. And it serves two, no less.

But did I eat it anyway? Darn tootin'

I am completely grooving on Sting's, "Whenever I say your name," from "Sacred Love." It's 5 minutes, 28 seconds of beauty and bliss. I can't even really explain it well. It just makes me happy. Not bad for a song from 2003. There are quite a few songs like that. I love them very intensely, listen to them incessently and then forget them for a long time. Yaz's "Only you" is one of those songs. I didn't even remember how much I love that song until it showed up on The Office (BBC version, thank you very much).

Well, at this point I am rambling and there is much to be done. I will most like post on Geemu.com to update how Ms. Kodamakitty is doing. Bye!

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FrankNemecek said...

Actually, I'm not worried about what it says on the bottom of my chicken pot pie box.

Why? Because, like the old saying goes, only the good die young.

[Insert laugh track here].

Seriously, though - the amazing thing is that in spite of the pot pies that I've eaten, my blood pressure is suprising well (110/70 according to my physical in April).